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Getting started with Unity & some Unity Pro Resources

October 15, 2012

Unity3D logoOver the last few days I have been having a lot of fun playing around in the Unity editor while watching the relatively new Unity-3D-3.5-Essential-Training tut that Sue Blackman teaches on the video tutorial site, This reminded me that I had collected some nice Unity Pro resources and tutorials from both inside Unity and from the wild. Now seemed like a good time to share them. I needed to update a few, but this seems to be a solid list. In the interest of time and needing sleep, I simply added the links to each resource or tutorial below. When I get some more time, I will clean this post up to make the links accessible directly. If you have pointers to some other good resources or tutorials, post a comment here or message me on twitter @rturkowski.

Read on and enjoy.

Entering your Unity Serial Number
Once you have purchased Unity Pro, You need to register your serial key with your Unity installation. In Unity select the ‘Help’ drop down and select ‘Enter Serial Key’. This should take you through an automatic activation process.

Accessing the Unity Asset Store
Notice that when you start Unity, a ‘Welcome to Unity’ page appears. You can easily access the Asset Store through this and begin taking the appropriate steps to purchase the assets you require. Otherwise select the ‘Window’ tab and select ‘Asset Store’ (Ctrl + 9).

Forums, Community, Support
Unity Community Forums:
Unity Community: &

File a bug report through the editor:
• Help Tab: Report a Bug
• Send in the bug # to
Customers can also purchase Premium Support from Unity directly. Contact Unity through their web site: for more info.

Tutorials, Courseware, Example Projects
Unity official tutorials:
Live Online Training Courses by Adam Buckner:
Unity video tutorials and presentations:
For tutorials, learning aids and example projects, end users may review the following resources: or demos:
Unity official example projects (also on the Asset Store):

Unity documentation:

Unity Answers:
Unity Reference Search Engine:

3rd Party Courseware
For tutorials and example projects, you may find the following external resources helpful:

Digital Tutors:
Introduction to Unity:
Free Beginner’s Guide to Unity:
Unity training page:

Noesis Interactive/design3:

Courseware by 3D Buzz:
3D Buzz video forum:

Walker Boys Unity training:

Active Den’s Unity training:

CG Cookie Studio:

Unify Community tutorials:

Skyline Technologies Introduction to Unity3D:

Useful brochure replacement for discussing Unity 3.5|
Be sure to visit “Made With Unity” | to find and show off some very cool games and apps made with Unity!
Unity Facebook games demo reel – 2011: or
Unity games demo reel – 2012:
Unite12 Keynote (some useful info in here):
The documentation for the “Unity Manual” and other related resources is embedded in the software under the Help Menu in the Unity Editor.

My preferred 3rd party book for learning Unity:

Here is a web page that charts Unity products’ features and how their product offerings compare:

This wiki page is home of the UnifyWiki. The UnifyWiki is part of the Unify Community and is a place to find and share Unity knowledge:
Unify Community tutorials:

Last but not least, here is a public game engine comparison where you can gauge how Unity compares to other solutions out there: and another one is at But frankly, both of these may no longer be up to date. Regardless, I found them both interesting reads.

Now go forth and make a game in Unity!

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  1. Thanks a bunch! That was tremendous 🙂

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